USA Theme Released for the Fourth of July

Just in time for fourth of July weekend, we’ve released our first major content update for Wiener Tapper! Update 1.3 introduces our USA Theme pack.

The theme pack includes new patriotic skins for cooked and burned hotdogs, new background music, and a host of new USA themed background images. The best part is this first theme pack is completely free!

We hope to continue to release theme packs as the year progresses, with possible high fidelity premium theme packs that will be available for purchase within the app.

We hope you will continue to enjoy tapping wieners throughout your independence day activities and appreciate all the support so far!

Update 1.1 Addresses Day 1 Bugs

Wiener Tapper’s release was met with the typical joy of handing of a project finally finished into the world, followed by the immediate terror of bugs being found instantaneously by users.

In addition to bugs, we received immediate feedback that timed mode was lasting far too long because of the 15 second bonus for every 25 points earned. The general feeling was that since the timer starts at 2 minutes it shouldn’t take much longer than that to play

We scrambled to release a patch quickly and version 1.1 of the app was released the very next day. This update included the following changes

  • Saving scores to the leaderboard happens in a safer way.
  • Backgrounds change without getting repeating backgrounds twice in a row
  • Time bonus reduced to 5 seconds.

We are pleased that over 150 people have enjoyed the game so far and we hope that more will find the joys of tapping wieners!

Wiener Tapper Released!

We are very excited to announce the release of Wiener Tapper to the Apple App Store.

Wiener Tapper includes two game modes for both the casual and competitive tapper.  In Timed Tap, players compete for the top spot on the Game Center leaderboards to see how many wieners they can cook in 2 minutes. Get enough wieners and you will receive a small time bonus as you play.

Free tap is our casual gameplay mode. Kick back, relax, and cook as many wieners as you feel like. Typically, the longer you play the higher the score, so the top leaderboard spot here goes to the player with the most patience.

Finally we have integrated Game Center leaderboards so no matter which game mode you choose you can compare your progress against your friends.

Get Wiener Tapper today:

Final Wiener Tapper Beta Update Adds Community Support

The last changes have been made to the Wiener Tapper Beta. Major changes include adding Game Center leaderboards so that players can compare their personal bests against others.

The following minor fixes and tweaks are also included in this update:

  • Cleaned up the timer and Dinner Rush text
  • Fixed a bug where the backgrounds wouldn’t cycle properly
  • Fixed a bug where the timer wouldn’t update properly when a certain score was reached.
  • Updated the background music.
  • Added splash screen.

Wiener Tapper Beta Update

The latest build has been released to beta testers. The changes include adding a timed mode for more competitive play and adding new scoring metrics such as longest streak and total number or wieners cooked.

We hope to continue the beta test for another week or two before releasing to the app store.

New Project: Wiener Tapper!

We are most of the way through development on a new iPad game called Wiener Tapper. It lives in a similar vein to Caulk the Wagon as a game based on simple interactions where the only goal is to rack up the most points.

Gameplay involves raw hotdogs hurling across the screen which you must brown to perfection by tapping them. Letting raw dogs go uncooked lowers your score, but if you get too tap-happy you will burn hot dogs that you have already cooked. Players can test their tapping skills in a competitive timed mode or tap casually to see how high of a score they can get.

Wiener Tapper is currently in a closed beta. We hope to release to the Apple app store on June 26th. Wiener Tapper will be available for iPhone and iPad. Follow our Facebook page or check here for updates!